Gloria Merriman-Johnson, Transition Coordinator - (212) 675-7926 ext. 3111

Transition is the keystone of 721M.  "Transition" means developing a coordinated set of activities to facilitate movement from school to post school activities, based on the individual student's needs, strengths and interests.


The transition process is individualized based on the student's specific needs and to facilitate


The goal for each of our students to design a program based on solid assessment which will:


1). Encourage and support individuals and families to build the skills necessary to promote  self determination and self advocacy;


2). To assist students and families to access full participation in post secondary education and employment opportunities.


3). To encourage full parent/family participation and involvement in the process of developing and implementing an individualized program for their child/young adult;


4). Build strong collaborative relationships between community and school environments to support student achievement of  meaningful school and post school outcomes.


5). Assist students to fully participate in all aspects of their community including social, recreation and leisure activities.