Travel Training Information

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The New York City Department of Education
District 75
113 EAST 4th STREET Room 302
(212) 673-1242 ∙ FAX (212) 982-8658
Dear Parents,
Unfortunately, The District 75 Office of Travel Training Program has been temporarily suspended by the New York City Department of Education due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent Teacher shortage in New York City. Although our program is essential for teaching student safety and independence, the district had to ensure that their schools were sufficiently staffed. As a result, the staff of the Office of Travel Training has been re-assigned and can no longer provide Travel Training services.
We know how important Travel Training is for your son/daughter and we want to get back to teaching them how to travel independently to and from school as soon as possible. Travel Training will help them not only with independence, but it will also help them access future employment and recreational opportunities. If you have any concerns or questions about when Travel Training will resume, please contact Raymond Velez, the District 75 Family Leadership Coordinator. His email is or by phone at (212) 802-1502.
The Office of Travel Training