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Round Robin Results

Head Coach Joe Stewart making friends and trading pins with a SpeedSkater from China #Austria2017 #LiveUnified #heartbeatfortheworld

USA riding the bus w/Gibraltar'sFloorball Team. Shane from is telling us all about their big win yesterday. #austria2017 #LiveUnified

Round Robin Game 2 Result

Cuba 7 USA 4

Miles Baccari 3 Goals

#HatTrick @specialolyUSA @ecfs1878 @LizFernandezCan #pickuphope

The NY Unified floor hockey team had a rough go of it against Russia (0-9), but they NEVER gave up. They can bounce back vs. Cuba at 3:30.

"When we're having a tough game, I stay focused and keep my head in the game." - Malik Brown (G)

@specialolyUSA @D75MakesHistory @ecfs1878

Round Robin Game 1

Result Russia 9 USA 0

Malik Brown 52 Saves (unofficial)

#CAREERBEST @specialolyUSA @ecfs1878 @LizFernandezCan

Round Robin Group Stage:

Monday, March 20, 2017

USA vs. Russia 3:30AM EST

USA vs. Cuba 10:30AM EST

Round Robin Group Stage Result:

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Russia 10 China 0

2017 World Winter Games Round Robin Group Stage:





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